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Now a days, almost every corporate professionals are using MS Excel as a basic tool to keep up with day-to-day work. We use Excel to make the most basic tables, and at the same time to formulate the most complicated of financial cases. A large portion of us work without much of a solid background in this very useful application, discovering and learning new things everyday, wondering how it would have been if we had a stronger grip on Excel. May be a crash-course could take us miles. I have been going through a similar experience with MS Excel for the almost 4 years of job life that I have had.

Then, I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Mostofa Monower, a fellow colleague and friend. In an internal training session organized by the company we both work for, Mr. Mostofa Monower took up the responsibility of teaching us some basic yet interesting and thoroughly useful features of Excel. It was a great experience overall not only because the sessions were very interesting, but also due to the conciseness and organization of the materials taught to us.

The most amazing thing that we learned that day, was that Mr. Mostofa Monower had never been trained in Excel inside a class-room, or has not taken any classical method of learning to use this application. He took it up as a personal challenge to learn Excel all by himself and has managed to get a high level of knowledge simply by going through the Internet.

His knowledge and drive impressed each one of us who took his course, and we take Mr. Mostofa Monower as a true inspiration. I wish Mr. Mostofa Monower all the best with his projects.

Tasneem Rafayet
Tasneem Rafayat
Product Manager - Usage & Retention
Airtel Bangladesh Limited
Demist IT is going to lead the IT related development and training sector around the country in near future. Dedication & understanding of the customer requirement are two success stone behind this fantastic effort. I wish a brilliant and shining future of Demist IT.
Abu Baker Shibly
Md. Abu Bakar Shibly
Assistant Manager - Service Recovery, CSD
Airtel Bangladesh Limited
Demist IT organized excellent training programs for cutting-edge skill & competence over advanced Microsoft Excel learning.
Chowdhury Fatima Rokon
Marketing Manager
Mr. Mostofa Monower is a highly experienced Microsoft Excel trainer. I wish him success in future.
Khandaker Sayem Mahmud
Assistant Manager
Airtel Bangladesh Limited