Unprotected Sheets or Workbooks

Why we use this feature?

As you may know, Microsoft Excel has built-in features that allow you to control who can edit data, format cells, run reports, and even select cells and ranges. These protection features have applications where they can be very useful. For instance, if you have several people working on a complex workbook, they help to ensure that no formulas get misplaced or removed and, generally, that nobody makes unwanted changes that undo hard work you’ve completed to keep things in order.

That said, Excel’s protection features can be an inconvenience if you aren’t used to them or if they are used imprecisely in workbooks you need to edit. So you will need to understand how these features work and how you can go about unprotecting data to make edits in your work.


Managing locked cells

In some cases, you may want to preserve protection for your sheet or workbook, but you are struggling with how to manage locked cells. There may, for instance, be cells that you want to be able to select and edit but are currently inaccessible. For that reason, you want to be familiar with how locking and unlocking cells operates in the program.

If you want certain cells to be unlocked within a protected sheet, here are the steps you can take:
1. Select the cells or range that you want to have unlocked.
2. Right click and select Format cells from the menu.
3. Click on the Protection tab at the far right.
4. The Locked option should be checked by default. Uncheck it.
5. Click OK

Locking or unlocking cells, as you have done here, will have no effect until you enable protection for the sheet.


How to Unprotect an excel sheet without password

This article will tell you how to unprotect an excel spread sheet without having the password. In case of a password protect worksheet you are unable to edit the data on the Excel Sheet. If you do not Remember the Password or do not know the password to unprotect the sheet just follow the below simple steps. Press ALT +  F11 or click on View Code in Developers Tabs.

developer tab

Now insert a module from insert option and paste the below code. Do not change the code just copy paste:

Sub PasswordBreaker()
‘Breaks worksheet password protection.
Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, k As Integer
Dim l As Integer, m As Integer, n As Integer
Dim i1 As Integer, i2 As Integer, i3 As Integer
Dim i4 As Integer, i5 As Integer, i6 As Integer
On Error Resume Next
For i = 65 To 66: For j = 65 To 66: For k = 65 To 66
For l = 65 To 66: For m = 65 To 66: For i1 = 65 To 66
For i2 = 65 To 66: For i3 = 65 To 66: For i4 = 65 To 66
For i5 = 65 To 66: For i6 = 65 To 66: For n = 32 To 126
ActiveSheet.Unprotect Chr(i) & Chr(j) & Chr(k) & _
Chr(l) & Chr(m) & Chr(i1) & Chr(i2) & Chr(i3) & _
Chr(i4) & Chr(i5) & Chr(i6) & Chr(n)
If ActiveSheet.ProtectContents = False Then
MsgBox “One usable password is ” & Chr(i) & Chr(j) & _
Chr(k) & Chr(l) & Chr(m) & Chr(i1) & Chr(i2) & _
Chr(i3) & Chr(i4) & Chr(i5) & Chr(i6) & Chr(n)
Exit Sub
End If
Next: Next: Next: Next: Next: Next
Next: Next: Next: Next: Next: Next
End Sub


Which is looks like:

paste coding

But if your code is not look like above image, you must be change three quotation mark as mark below. Just delete the symbol and reentry the symbol. That’s it.

If problem

Now Click on the Run Button or press F5. And there you go the sheet is unprotected for you now. Also you would be getting a message in the pop up window. This Message is contains the password which can be used to unprotect the other sheets in the same workbook.

unprotect sheet

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