To switch row and column data in chart

Basic Description

There are lots of other ways to customize and organize your charts. For example, Excel allows you to rearrange a chart’s data, change the chart type, and even move the chart to a different location in the workbook. Sometimes you may want to change the way charts group your data. For example, in the chart below, the yearly amount data are grouped by year, with columns for each genre. However, we could switch the rows and columns so the chart will group the data by genre, with columns for each year. In both cases, the chart contains the same data—it’s just organized differently.

row to column 1



Switch Row / Column

  • Select the chart you wish to modify.
  • Right click on the graph and then select “Select Data”. Now select “Select Row/Column” or  from the Design tab, select the Switch Row/Column command.
  • The rows and columns will be switched. In our example, the data is now grouped by genre, with columns for each year.

Now our graph looks like:

row to column 2


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