Spreadsheets or Worksheets

A spreadsheet is a grid of data divided into numbered rows and lettered columns. Each block in this grid is called a cell, and it can hold an individual piece of text or data. A cell has a lettered column and numbered row. In Excel, file/document is considered a spreadsheet, although it is commonly referred to as a workbook.
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The worksheet is a page of data in your spreadsheet (or workbook) that is organized by the labeled tabs displayed at the bottom of the Excel window. Each worksheet has 2^14 (~16,000) available columns and 2^20 (~1 million) available rows, so Excel an easily accommodate large datasets. Your spreadsheet can contain as many worksheets as you want. By default, however, all newly opened Excel spreadsheets have three worksheets. To view the contents of a worksheet, click on its tab at the bottom-left corner of the Excel window.
To create a new worksheet, click the small button (New worksheet) to the right of all the worksheets.


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