Paste Special – features

Paste special features are divided into three  parts which are describes below:

1. Paste Features

Formulas: This option would apply only if the cell we copied contained a formula. What this means is instead of the formatting and other attributes of the cell being Pasted, only the formula itself will be Pasted.
Values: Choosing the Values option, would mean that we would only be pasting the result of the formula into the destination cell and not the formula itself.
Formats: Using this option means you will not be pasting the contents of the cell, but only the formatting.
Comments: This option applies to Cell Comments which will be covered in a later lesson.
Validation: Means all the cell contents and formatting excluding borders would be pasted.
Column Widths: Means no content or formatting will be pasted, except for the width of the column that the data was copied from.
Values and Number Formats: This will paste only values and all number formatting attributes

2. Operational Features

None: This is exactly as the name implies and means none of the options under the heading operation will be applied.
Add: Select the option Add and click OK. You will notice that Excel adds the copied number (in this case 2) to the value of the destination cell (which in this case is 10) to end up with a total of 12. In other words it adds a copied number to the destination cell.
Subtract: Again, to see this repeat the coping of cell A1 and again select cell A2 and right click and select Paste Special. This time, select Subtract and cell A2 will be have the number 2 subtracted from its value
Multiply: This works in exactly the same way as Add and Subtract, except obviously it Multiplies the destination cell by the value of the copied data.
Divide: This works in exactly the same way as Add, Subtract and Multiply, except obviously it Divides the destination cell by the value of the copied data.

3. Other Features

Skip Blanks: This is exactly as the name implies it skipped the blanks
Transpose: This option would apply when we want paste the copied cells in rows to column or column to rows.

By default, when you Copy and Paste the content of any cell(s), Excel will Paste all cell formatting. We can, however, use what is called Paste Special to nominate the attributes of the copied data we wish to Paste


Enabling Paste Special feature:

1. Right click on the cell and from the Shortcut menu select Paste Special
2. Push Atrl +H+V+S on your keyboard
3. Select the Paste Special from the Standard Toolbar

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