Illustration Group properties

We can now move on to the illustrations group and see how we can insert graphics into Excel workbook.  Let’s say that we need to insert a picture that portrays budget relevance into our Excel sheet.  How can we achieve this task?

We can click on Insert Tab and select picture command from the illustrations group.  This will launch the insert picture dialog box where you can browse for pictures or images on your computer. In our case I’m going to use a sample pictures for our budget Excel sheet.  Here are the two related screen captures for this task.

The picture has been inserted next to our data.  Observe that now we have the Format Tab on the Picture Tools ribbon.  We can use it to further enhance our picture by using options like brightness, contrast, picture styles, alignment and size dimensions.

I went ahead and used one of the picture styles from the galleries to give our picture a little rotation.  Here’s the effect of this command.

Using the Office button, you can do a Print Preview of your workbook.  When I did this I was able to see the following figure.

The looks pretty good with the data on the left, picture on the right and the Pie Chart on the bottom.  Let’s go ahead and save our document by clicking on the Save icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.

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