Editing cells value or formula

Editing or entering cell value

To edit the cell contents, you can work in editing mode. You can enter editing mode in several ways:

  • double-clicking the cell
  • selecting the cell and pressing the F2 key
  • selecting the cell and clicking anywhere within the formula bar

Editing Mode

Note: when you press F2 or double click for inputting or editing cell value, status bar shows you are in Editing mode but when you press backspace button or just typing for inputting value in active cell, status bar shows you are in Enter mode.

Before you enter your data, check the existing cell formatting is match with your data or not. Some points are mentioning below:

  • The formula bar displays the content of the active cell
  • Text data is a combination of letters, numbers, and some symbols
  • Number data is any numerical value that can be used in a mathematical calculation
  • Date and time data are commonly recognized formats for date and time values


Entering Formulas

You should press = sign before entering any formula in excel otherwise its treated as text.


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