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Charts make data visual. Instead of having to analyze columns of worksheet numbers, you can see at a glance what the data means. With a chart you can transform spreadsheet data to show comparisons, patterns, and trends. In this article, I will show you how to create a basic chart in excel. For an example, I have a database related to students marks with respective student name and their subject. Just follow me for creating a basic chart in excel:

1.  First select your data range for creating a chart. I select two column which is looks like:

select chart range

2. Now, you can create a basic chart by pressing Alt+F1 button which is shortcut or click your required chart from the Data Tab. Then click the Insert tab, and in the Charts group, click the Column button. You could select another chart type, but column charts are commonly used to compare items and will get your point across. After you click Column, you’ll see a number of column chart types to choose from. Click Clustered Column, the first column chart in the 2-D Column list. A Screen-tip displays the chart type name when you rest the pointer over any chart type. The Screen-tip also provides a description of the chart type and gives you information about when to use each one.

chart selecting

3. Your basic chart looks like below image

basic chart

It’s pretty easy, right. Now you have some question about chats feature along with advanced level charting option and may be many more. Just reading the next articles which will solve your all of the questions, I believe.

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