Basic Description

The Excel Chisq.Dist.Rt function calculates the right-tailed probability of the chi-square distribution. The function is new in Excel 2010 and so is not available in earlier versions of Excel. However, the Chisq.Dist.Rt function is simply a renamed version of the Chidist function that is available in earlier versions of Excel.

Syntax: CHISQ.DIST.RT( x, degrees_freedom )

where the function arguments are:

x The value at which you want to evaluate the chi-square distribution (must be ≥ 0)
The number of degrees of freedom (must be an integer between 1 and 1010)

(If the supplied value is a decimal, this is truncated to an integer)


Chisq.Dist.Rt Function Examples

Chi-Square Right-Tailed Distribution with 1, 2 and 3 Degrees of Freedom

  Right-tailed chi-square dist. with 1, 2 & 3 degrees of freedom

The chart on the right shows the right-tailed chi-square distribution, with 1, 2 and 3 degrees of freedom. The value of any of these distributions, for a specified value of x can be calculated using the Excel Chisq.Dist.Rt function. This is shown in the spreadsheets below:


Examples of use of the Excel Chisq.Dist.Rt Function


Excel Chisq.Dist.Rt Function Results


Chisq.Dist.Rt Function Errors

If you get an error from the Excel Chisq.Dist.Rt function this is likely to be one of the following :

#NUM! Occurs if either the supplied value of x is negative or the supplied degrees_freedom argument is <1 or >1010
#VALUE! Occurs if either of the supplied arguments are not recognised as numeric values

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