Charts Or Graphs

When working with any numerical data, you can use charts to get important visual clues about the underlying information. Let us say we would like to know the top expenses in my budget.  We can easily create a chart that would answer this question.  Go ahead and click anywhere in the expenses section.  Then go to Insert Tab, click on column in the charts group and select 2-D clustered column from the drop-down. You will notice that we have a host of column charting options in the drop-down with a Live preview feature, Very Nice!  After I made my selection, it generated a 2-D clustered column chart in our Excel workbook.

Charts are what we call graphs in math class. Charts are visual representations of worksheet data. Charts often makes it easier to understand the data in a worksheets because users can easily pick out patterns and trends illustrated in the chart that are otherwise difficult to see. Different types of charts serve different purposes.

Pie Charts

Pie charts are used to show percentages. For example, a pie chart could be used to show what percentage of your total daily calorie intake is represented by one quadruple cheese and bacon hamburger.

Column Charts

Column Charts are used to show comparisons between items of data. Each column in the chart represents the value of one item of data. An example of this would be to compare the calories in a quadruple cheese and bacon hamburger with the calories in a glass of water and a bowl of beet greens.

Bar Charts

are very similar to column charts, except they run horizontally on the page instead of vertically like column charts.

Line Charts

are used to show trends over time. Each line in the graph shows the changes in the value of one item of data. For example you could show changes in your weight over a period of months as a result of eating a quadruple cheese and bacon hamburger every day for lunch.

Charts or Graphs details will be discuss in Module -7.

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